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Home Buyers – We Beat the Competition!

We receive a lot of pleasure in helping people acquire new homes. It is often very competitive and we enjoy beating the competition. There is nothing more rewarding than sharing the sheer joy when people moving into their new homes.


It's never too early to start planning. Among the first tasks are:

  • Finding out how much you can afford and how much you want to spend
  • Providing you with information about the homes and areas in which you want to live and can afford
  • Seeing homes together so we learn what you like and dislike
  • Familiarizing you with real estate processes. These include making offers; executing purchase contracts; reviewing disclosures; contingencies; deadlines; ordering inspections and reviewing reports; understanding escrows; and obtaining title, home owners, & earthquake insurance.

All your planning and learning, together with our expertise, will enable us to beat the competition for your new home without overspending!

Finding a Home

After you decide you are ready to acquire a new home and you need a loan, your first step will be getting pre-approved by a reputable lender. Then we are on our way.

We will continue sending you information about all homes available in your price range in the areas you like and can afford. You'll let us know which homes you want us to see and we will visit them.

  • I will also visit homes, alone, to identify those that you might like enough to make an offer and then see them together. This will save you lots of time. We will also visit other homes you want to see.
  • After you have identified a possible candidate we'll find out as much as possible about the home, its location, and the homeowner(s). This will help you to decide whether you want to make an offer.
  • We'll review the disclosure package, if any, which may include inspection reports, permit records, and disclosures.
  • We will also find out about the owner's motivation for selling as well as any terms they want. For example, they may want to remain in their home for 60 days after your transaction ends.
  • We'll find out about the availability of and requirements for insurance. For example, the home may be in a fire hazard  zone.

Making an Offer

After you decide to make an offer we'll put one together for you. You'll be making many decisions regarding issues such as inspections, finances, contingencies, deadlines, and your purchase price.

  • Inspections. You'll decide whether you want to: (1) conduct inspections; (2) conduct inspections before making an offer if the homeowner allows them or (3) Include in your offer an inspection contingency so you can conduct inspections after your offer is accepted and make your acceptance of the inspection results a condition for completing the sale
  • Financing. Whether you want a loan and/or appraisal contingency(s) in your offer. This will make approval of your loan and/or an appraisal a condition(s) for completing your sale
  • Terms regarding deposits, time periods for contingencies (if any), taxes, fees, and the length of the transaction,
  • Purchase price. This will be based on recent sales of comparable homes; everything you know about the home and its  location; the homeowner(s); the real estate market: and the competition—who are the agents presenting offers.

Finally, we think it is very important for you to write a letter to the homeowner telling them about yourself and why you want to live in their home.

After the Homeowner Accepts Your Offer

The typical transaction takes about 21 - 30 days. It can be as short as seven days if there is no loan.

An escrow process is activated after the purchase contract is executed.

The escrow company is a neutral, trusted, third party that delivers the homeowner's deed to you upon your payment of the sales price and fulfilling other sale conditions. Any differences between the homeowner's and your instructions will prevent the transaction from being completed until the differences are resolved.

I will help you fulfill your obligations, on time. They include making your deposits, down payment, balance of your purchase price , and closing costs. These closing costs may include payments for insurance, transfer and property taxes, and escrow fees. .

During the transaction period we're typically busy with the following:

  • Recommending and arranging inspections such as home, engineering, and pest control inspections
  • Attending inspections and reviewing reports
  • Obtaining bids for repairs and improvements
  • Making plans for repairs and improvements before and after moving into your new home
  • Reviewing disclosures, public records, and results of other inquiries
  • Addressing legal issues such as easements, encroachments, and lot lines
  • Reviewing documents such as CC&Rs and TIC Agreements
  • Removing inspection, appraisal, and loan contingencies, if any
  • Conducting a walk-through inspection a few days before the close of escrow. This to ensure your home is in the same condition as it was at the time you entered into your purchase contract
  • Assisting you in obtaining insurance, arranging for utilities, and moving
  • Recommending tradesperson and making arrangements for repairs and improvements before and after you move into your new home
  • Reviewing your closing documents and being present when you sign them

After the Sale

  • I give you your new keys
  • We celebrate!!!
  • We remain available to you for assistance whenever you or someone you know wants it.